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Inheritance and Transcendence
6-axis Coordinate Advance Milling and Drilling Machine (CAMDER) was developed by Worldwide Industrial Machinery (Dongguan) Ltd., It is most suitable for automobile mould and complex machine component. Moreover, this structure design is the first one in Asia. CAMDER has been patented as a new application machine in China on 30th April, 2009. By continuous improvement and innovation, CAMDER has developed to the fourth generation which not only keeps high accuracy and high quality, but also more suitable and user friendly. CAMDER is especially suitable for compound angle machining with excellent performance in milling, drilling (deep hole drilling) and thread milling, such as moulds for bumper, automobile panel, automobile door and large size mechanical parts.
  • 1940 Year

    Founded in Hong Kong

  • 1997 Year

    The machinery plant was founded in Dongguan

  • 2001 Year

    The machinery plant was named WIM officially

  • 2011 Year

    Established partnership with England MOLLART

  • 2017 Year

    Certified as the Technology Research Center

80 Yesrs of Craft Heritage
Worldwide Industrial Machinery Ltd. is a professional machining center manufacturer that specializes in deep hole drilling machines!


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