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CAMDER G series



6-Axis Coordinate Advance Milling and Drilling Machine (CAMDER)  
  • Suitable for milling, drilling (Deep Hole Drilling) and thread milling of automobile mould and complex machine components. 
  • Currently, the CAMDER series has developed to the fourth generation.
  • The 6-axis CAMDER of WIM is first developed in Asia.    
High-precision version of five-axis drilling-milling machine tool


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  Model Unit 1.6G 2.6G3.6G 
Drilling capacityGun drill machining hole diameter mm 3 to 40 3 to 50 3 to 50
Ejector drill machining hole diameter mm - 18 to 65 18 to 65
Maximum drilling depth in gun drill operation mm 1200+500 1500+500 1500+500
Maximum drilling depth in ejector drill operation mm - 1000 1000
Tapping capacity - M20x2.5 M36x4 M36x4
Milling capacity cc/min 180 400 400
TravelTable horizontal (X) mm 1500 2500 3000
Ram travel (Y) mm 1200 1500 1500
Column horizontal travel (Z) mm 500 800 800
Spindle box travel (W) mm 1850 2350 2350
Ram tilting travel (A) -Clockwise15°,counterclockwise 25°Clockwise15°,counterclockwise 25°Clockwise15°,counterclockwise 25°
Spindle center to table top mm  0 to 1200  0 to 1500   0 to 1500
Distance from table center to spindle nose mm 466 to 966 530 to 1330 630 to 1430
SpindleSpindle bore taper - BT40  BT50   BT50 
Maximum spindle speed rpm 6000 4000 4000
SpeedX/Y/Z/W Rapid traverse rate m/min81010
Ram maximum tilting speed (A) Degree/min215215215
Table maximum rotation speed (B) rpm222
PowerSpindle motor kW15/18.5(30min)18.5/22(30min)18.5/22(30min)
X axis servo motor N.m223030
Y axis servo motor N.m303838
Z axis servo motor N.m303838
W axis servo motor N.m1230 30 
A axis servo motor N.m303030
B axis servo motor N.m303030 
Total power requirement kW60 7777
CNC indexing worktableMaximum loading capacity ton82030
Size (Length x Width) mm1200x10002200x16002400x1800
Coolant systemCoolant pressure (gun drill) MPa2 to 112 to 112 to 11
Coolant pressure (ejector drill) MPa-1.0 to 2.01.0 to 2.0
Rate of flow (gun drill) L/min6 to 1206 to 1406 to 140
Rate of flow (ejector drill) L/min40 to 12540 to 16340 to 163
Size and weightFloor space required mm6810x60809390x76909390x7880
Machine height mm380045804580
Machine weight ton183440

 Design & specifications are subject to change without prior notice!


  • Standard Accessories
  • Optional Accessories

  1.6G 2.6G3.6G
 Full guard
 Lubricating system
 Coolant system
 Pneumatic system
 Leveling screws and leveling wedges
 Spring collet
 Ejector drill rotating connector
 Service tools and tool box
 Working light
 Cycle indicator lamp
 Magnetic chip conveyor
 Coolant chiller
 Air cooler for electric cabinet
 Manual handle feed unit
 FANUC 0i-MF system
 Data Server
 Spindle orientation
 Air blast through spindle
 Air blast
 Gundrill drilling cycle 

 Design & specifications are subject to change without prior notice!

 Design & specifications are subject to change without prior notice!

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