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Company Introduction

Worldwide Industrial Machinery Ltd. (WIM for short) is specializing in offering comprehensive solution for large mould machining. Until now, WIM has developed and produced an amount of multifunction machines: 6-Axis Coordinate Advanced Drilling-Milling Machine, 5-Axis Gantry Machining Center, 6-Axis Boring and Milling Machining Center, Double Column 3 Spindle Milling Machine, Horizontal CNC Milling Machine and Die Spotting Machine, etc.

WIM's parent company, Ming Lee Steel, who was established in 1940 in Hong Kong is a professional large mold base & mold manufacturer and distributor of high quality mold steel, which creates the unique advantage for WIM to use the customer point of view to improve the machine more user friendly. At present, WIM has got 67 authorized patents and 3 software copyrights which show our strength in providing mature, stable products as well as operational skills training for the customer.

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that WIM developed the first 6-Axis Coordinate Advanced Drilling and Milling Machine in Asia which conquered the difficulty of compound angle machining of injection mold with high efficiency and high precision. Thus, WIM has been recognized as the 6-axis Coordinate Drilling-Milling Machine Research Center and Industrial Standard-Setting Member in Guangdong.

Nowadays, WIM cooperates with agents all over the world so as to provide instant local service for the customers, and our sales network is covering over 20 countries and regions, including UK, USA, Canada, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Korea, Japan, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh, China Taiwan, etc.